Buying a Home: Buyers Checklist and 9 Considerations

Buying a Home Checklist

After your bank has given you the green light, where do you begin? Looking for the perfect home can be stressful. Buying your home in the Bay Area, more specifically in San Jose, can be exceptionally difficult. Our top realtor has comprised a checklist that can assist you in buying your new home.

Buying a home can be difficult.


After establishing your budget, the first thing you should let your real estate agent know is how many bedrooms you will need. When you are at an open house, it is important to keep I mind who will be occupying which room. Also consider the distance of the rooms from the bathrooms, in the case for younger children who need to use the bathroom at night.


How many bathrooms are enough? A rule of thumbs is for every 2 bedrooms, you should have at least 1.5 bathrooms. In larger homes where there are 4 bedrooms, it would be appropriate to have a master, one full and a guest bathroom that consists of a toilet and a sink.


A few appropriate questions to ask you Open House host are:

  • How dated are the appliances?
  • Gas or electric stove?
  • Are all the appliances in working order?
  • Any appliances under warranty?


If you are highly considering buying a home, ask about the neighborhood. Professional and passionate real estate agents are more than happy to supply you with what the neighborhood has to offer you and your family.

Important factors to consider:

  • School Districts
  • Unwanted noise (ex: trains, airports, or nearby stadiums)
  • Close by shopping centers and parks.
  • HOA fees

Other Amenities

Consider what amenities are a “must-have.” Always keep in mind your budget. Know what is an absolute “must-have” and what are “nice-to-have.” A perfect balance will keep you and your wallet happy.

Additional Rooms

Having an additional room such as a home office area or a family room are very sought after. Home offices are important to have for a numerous amount of reasons.


Flooring is another make or breaks kind ordeal. In recent years, carpet has fallen out of favor. You should ask your host when the floors were last worked on and if there is anything you should know.


Depending on where you intend on living, a fireplace can be a “must-have” or a “nice-to-have.” For example, a fireplace would be used more in colder areas whereas in warmer areas it won't get as much action.


Accessibility features may important to different people. Having stairs to the front door can be inconvenient when older family members come over to visit. Handrails or sloped ramps can also be a great alternative.

In the end, it is your dream home. The main takeaway is to know what you want that is within your budget. When you are buying a home, you are building your assets and making a reliable investment. At the end of the day, your local realtor should know what you want and need to assist you in your buying a home journey.

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